LCP is part of the US based organization Little Children of the World (LCW). It  was incorporated in 1989 and has been fully accredited by the Philippine Council of NGO Certification (PCNC) and is registered as a Donee Institution. 

For more information on the history of LCP and LCW click the following link [History of LCP and LCW]

LCP at GateLCP  is a non-denominational Christian organisation with an extended family covering 14 of the poorest communities in and around Dumaguete City. LCP is a lifeline for over 1200 families, enabling them to send their children to school and college, as well as providing them with basic health care, nutritional support, livelihood opportunities and spiritual guidance.

With the help of the founders, along with donors and sponsors, the lives of hundreds of children, have been changed over the years   Their desire to change the life of one child at a time has made Dumaguete and the world a better place


“Create an environment where Filipino children are no longer at risk from poverty, abuse or exploitation and can experience the abundance of God’s love through His son, Jesus Christ.”


“To help develop caring communities for Filipino children who are at risk, so they will be able to escape poverty and abuse and become, within the context of Christian Values, contributing members of their society.”


LCPseeks to realise its vision and implement its mission by:

  1. Protecting the basic rights of children (rights of provision, protection, participation and peace) in the name and spirit of Christ;IMG_1075
  2. Initiating abuse and disease prevention programs for children and youth living in temporary shelters, city slums and squatter communities;
  3. Introducing these children to Christ and help them to become responsible Christian disciples;
  4. Providing school and college sponsorship programs to allow at risk children to rise above poverty and become self-supporting within the context of caring communities and Christian values.
  5. Developing training programs in self-reliance and personal development;
  6. Fostering Christ-centred leadership with emphasis on five basic disciplines: spirituality, servant hood, stewardship, simplicity (simple living) and shalom (peace and well-being).

After 25 years, LCP remains a major force for facilitating change in the lives of the poorest children and their families. It is looking forward to the next 25 years




LCP Staff

LCP is blessed with a dedicated and wonderful staff. Many come from the local communities where they, or one or more of their children, have been sponsored and are living testimonies of the positive impact LCP’s program is having on individuals and their families. Supporting the full time staff are the part time staff, mainly from the LCP communities, who help as housemothers, soup kitchen supervisors and pre-school teachers.


LCP Staff - enjoying their work!

LCP Staff – enjoying their work!

Each year LCP also has a number of volunteers who include those sent by the Australian and US governments; Australian Volunteers for International Development and Peace Corps. Volunteers bring their unique experience and passion to the organization and all hope to make a sustainable difference in the short time they are here. Read more about the Staff

LCP’s Communities

 In line with LCP’s mission to help create caring communities, LCP operates within 14 of the poorest communities in and around Dumaguete City. Together these communities represent over 1200 families and 5000 individuals who can call themselves members of LCP Read more about Communities