The Sponsorship and Scholarship Program

LCP has devoted 25 years to helping the poorest children receive an education. Their sponsorship program (elementary & high school) and scholarship program (college & university) defines LCP’s core purpose and allows children to rise above poverty and become self-supporting within the context of caring communities and Christian valuesSAM_2542

Sponsors mainly from overseas, enable over 650 children from the LCP community to go to school. Eligible high school graduates can attend college through LCP’s college scholarship program when funds are available.


Over the last 15 years LCP has seen 576 of its sponsored children graduate from high school and 226 students graduate from college.

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The Preschool Program

LCP runs 7 pre-schools, set up in the most disadvantaged communities to help 4 to 5 year olds prepare to go to formal school. The goal is to ensure that the children will be able to participate in primary school tasks more quickly and successfully. This leads to less absenteeism and better grades. Part time teachers come from the communities and are assisted by the parents. Over 120 children are benefiting from this program each year.IMG_7307IMG_7253




The School on Wheels (SOW) Program

The School on Wheels (SOW) was established to provide “Street Children” (defined as those children who spend their days on the street, begging, working or playing, instead of attending school) an opportunity to get back into full time education. The process starts by bussing the children into LCP for four mornings a week over one school year and introducing them to a regime of caring, learning and fun.IMG_8268

The children are then given school uniform and a support network that encourages their attendance at school, offers support when they are struggling and provides a weekly rice allowance. LCP has a commitment to see that these children have every chance to progress and eventually graduate from high school. Currently there are 50 SOW children engaged in full time education.

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