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 Falling sick in the Philippines can quickly lead to financial ruin as cost mount and livelihoods are lost. Children are often pulled out of school to save money or to care for a sick relative. LCP sees health care, alongside education, as key to alleviating poverty.IMG_7899-2 (1)

The Health Program of LCP exists to evaluate, monitor and improve the overall physical and mental health of all LCP members and staff. It is the goal of the program to initiate abuse and disease prevention and treatment programs for families who are at risk. LCP also gives advice on family planning when needed.

The program strives to provide the necessary financial and medical assistance that will help each child and family achieve maximum health potential. This is facilitated through an on-site medical clinic at LCP.



LCP takes a special interest in children living with disabilities.IMG_8251 (1)

These children in low- income communities are in greater need of affection, medical, and financial assistance than non- disabled children living in comparable circumstances. They are kept hidden away from public view because parents often believe that it’s a curse or punishment to have a child with a disability. These children are often isolated from social interactions and have restricted access to schooling opportunities. They tend to live in crowded, sub-standard housing, often with no water, electricity or toilets.

LCP, together with the help of Lilliane foundation, Save One Life, Shriners, strives to provide basic care and treatment for a variety of problems, including Haemophilia, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and Cleft Palate


Soup Kitchens

LCP operates two soup kitchens, serving the Lo-oc and Canday-ong communities respectively. Here a total of 132 school children living in poverty are served a meal at lunchtime, Monday to Friday.P1000853

Normally school children go home for two hours in the middle of the day, but for these children there is no food at home. Giving them a meal and a place to sit also ensures that their attendance at school in the afternoon remains high.

With a budget of less than 5 pesos per child ( 40 pesos equals one U.S. dollar), the two loyal staff members, Flora and Enriqueta, face a continual struggle to work their magic and make the meals as nutritious as possible.