The Livelihood program aims to help LCP members become self-reliant by teaching them how to make different kinds of products and to market them using management and marketing skills.


IMG_8324The meat-processing project has been particularly successful, with 8000 packs of chorizo sausage being produced every month. This not only provides part-time employment to many mothers but also gives LCP community members an opportunity to sell the product in their own neighbourhoods. Fifty percent of the annual profit  is paid to the women, with the remainder going towards the budget of running the Mother-Daughter Program including training. The profits also help with part of the budget of the residential shelter program, transportation for children to come to LCP, the doctor in the Health Program and for community medical kits.

Other revenue generating projects include the making of greeting cards from handmade paper, jewellery, and school uniforms. There is also a thriving pig dispersal program where families keep a sow, and when she breeds, pass on two of the piglets to another family. The cycle can then be repeated.

IMG_3902During the last year (2014/15) LCP has started a new Livelihood initiative, for unemployed mothers wishing to support their children education. With the help of volunteers, LCP is now training four ladies how to sew and make souvenirs for a rapidly growing number of tourists visiting Dumaguete. A further three ladies have been taught how to make jewellery out of paper and other recycled material.

IMG_3039Their products are being marketed through tourist hotels IMG_2658and it is hope that this will soon support the training of additional mothers and an expansion of the number of market outlets.
This initiative was made possible through a crowd funding initiative, “Startsomegood” which provided the seed funding to allow the project to get started.