Our Stories

The many children who have had their lives touched by LCP have left behind many stories; tales of hardship, perseverance against all odds, faith and success. They are an inspiration to us all.

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IMG_7605LCP sets new records for College and High School Students

In March of 2015, Little Children of the Philippines had 32 students graduate from college and 69 students graduate from high school, making this the highest number of graduates in LCP history! 

The generosity of sponsors and donors has helped LCP break the cycle of poverty and provide hope to   hundreds of students in the Philippines.

Over the last 15 years LCP has seen 576 of its sponsored children graduate from high school and 226 students graduate from college.

IMG_3599 (1)"My name is Robert Cadayona, I am 18 years old and have just graduated from Taclobo High School (March 2015). I would like to inspire you through my life testimony. You might find a piece of your own story.
When I look back at my life before I became an LCP member, I would say that I was an ordinary boy but with no dreams at all. Because of my almost impossible life situation, I decided to drop my hopes and ambitions. But I didn’t stop studying at school, even though , I honestly didn’t think I could reach High School. We were way too poor for my parents to support my studies.........

However, my mother really insisted for me to go to Elementary school. She really valued education more that I did. Our life was really difficult. We didn’t have electricity at home, so I studied under the dim light of a kerosene lamp. I also used to sell peanuts even under the heat of the sun and would walk kilometers in order to have good sales. During weekdays, I would sometimes leave home for school even without breakfast. Our cooked rice was not enough for us all so I would ignore my stomach’s call for food. It was very fine with me, though. I would rather starve than know my eight siblings didn’t have enough to eat.
When I was 8 years old my father died and my little hopes of surviving had ended. I didn’t know what to do, where to start, how to continue living. It was as if part of my body was taken. I decided there’s no use going to school. I was very sad, more than sad. I spent my days trying to earn some money on the streets
Even with such happenings, my mother stayed strong and hopeful. She never let me stop studying no matter how hopeless our situation was. Then the greatest gift God has given us came along; we became a member of LCP through Uncle Bob. He came to rescue us from our situation. (Explanation of the Uncle Bob program) So suddenly my dreams in life have lightened up like fireworks. I found my hopes again. I lived together with other boys in LCP’s Robert Hanson shelter and entered grade 4 of elementary school aged 9. Uncle Bob has supported us with almost everything we need. I was very happy and felt very gratefulThrough LCP I also came to know more about God’s love, His mercy and His wonderful gift of salvation. I know life is difficult but all we need to do is never give up no matter how hopeless. We should always know that God is in control. He’s the master planner of our lives. We just have to hold still, never lose a grip of our faith and continue dreaming. God won’t give us problems that we can’t handle. We just have to ask for His guidance and help us to be patient of His perfect will.

Let me share you this verse Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” "


IMG_3598 (1)"My name is Donna Bahinting and I have just graduated from High School. Life is like riding a bicycle; to keep your balance you must keep moving. This is something I keep telling myself, because my childhood was not like most kids, When I was only 6 months old my mother left without second thoughts, leaving me in the hands of my emotionally depressed father. He made me live with my grandmother, who despite being very poor accepted me wholeheartedly. Later my father remarried and diverted all his attention to his new family.This was a period of my life where I had lost my balance....

jn16$003It was during this time that LCP entered my life. My grandmother sent me to LCP’s kindergarten program (Preschool), where I started to enjoy my life. I felt able to breath for the first time and was able to make friends, engage in different activities and at the same time learn the words of God. When I was 6 years old I received a sponsor who made it possible for my grandmother to support me and send me to Elementary school. LCP made me strive hard to maintain good grades and encourage me to discover my talent as a singer. When my grandmother became seriously ill, I wanted to leave school so that I could care for her in the same way she had cared for me. However LCP were able to find her the help she needed so that I could continue at school.


LCP will always be a huge influence on my life and I can’t imagine life without them. They got me back on my bike, taught me how to balance helped keep me moving. They have become my second family. I can’t thank them and my sponsor enough for all the help they have given me."


IMG_3835"I am Apple Mae A. Villa, before I will start my story about my childhood I just want to say thank you so much to all the staff of LCP who’s been there for me in times of my special day, happiness and especially when my parents passed away, once again, thank you all for being a big part in the journey of my life....

jn16$002My biological parent just left me to Monica Villa and Paterno Villa after she gave birth to me in three days. My real mother didn’t want me during this time because I am a reminder of the abuse that has happened in her life. She gave me to an old couple that was selling in the local market. This loving couple took me and raised me as their own. I am so thankful to my foster parents who took care of me and loved me so much and accepted me despite being over 70 years old when I came in their life. When I started to go to school, my classmates always bullied me because my foster parents were so old.
They made a lot of sacrifices ever since I was born and joined me as a member of LCP to protect my future. When my foster mother died two years ago and my foster father died just last November it was so hard for me because I had to move from one place to another until LCP decided that I would move into the Wee Women’s Shelter (LCP’s residential shelter for girls aged 6-17)

Thank you again to all those who have helped me along the way, particularly my sponsor, auntie Monica Strickland. She and her family have such big hearts, helping to support my needs and studies. They love me so much and will never leave me."


IMG_2714 (2)Theresa Sojor, an only child, joined LCP when she was at Pre-school. Because she had ”Valgus Disease” she suffered a severe deformity of her legs making it difficult to walk. She became a beneficiary of the Handclasp Program and given a chance to undergo an operation for her bone disease. Unfortunately the operation didn’t totally cure her disease but her parents were happy and contented that their daughter could at least walk on her own. She became a sponsored child when she entered Grade 1 of Elementary school......

Theresa suffered a lot of discrimination when growing up, but was always loved and supported by her caring family. Her father who was unemployed brought her  to school everyday on his bicycle and made many sacrifices to ensure his daughter could continue through school. Her mother was employed as a cleaner. Theresa worked hard and graduated from Elementary school as class Salutatorian. Her parents were so proud.

Theresa attended High School even though simple things like public transport were almost impossible to manage because of her condition. Her father brought and fetched her every day, and was able to ensure she graduated with honors.

She was able to join LCP’s Work Study College Scholarship Program. She became more independent, stronger and able to conquer hindrances. LCP helped her develop her spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical values. She was able to value herself and become an outstanding student during her 1st year at college.

For Theresa 4 years at college proved a real challenge. Despite her many physical and emotional struggles, LCP didn’t stop encouraging her to pursue her college education and direct her along the right path.

She is proud to be a scholar of LCP, not just for the financial support but because she felt LCP helped her to become a good citizen, full of confidence and ready to face the next chapter of her life. She graduated last March 2015 with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Theresa has begun the battle of applying for jobs. She has already applied for over 10 jobs, and is waiting patiently for good news. She doesn’t lose hope, believing that God has prepared a place for her to work and apply the skills she learned from her college.

She quotes “Life is not easy to achieve and win in every battle, sometimes we may fail but take this as a challenge. Do not dare to say “I will give up” rather challenge yourself and learn from it. Always give your best, let God do the rest and trust in Him for you to soar up high”.


Marine engineer

"I am Michael Vincent Dalman and  abandoned by my parents as a baby was looked after by my grandparents. They let me see the beauty of this world and loved me as their own baby. But my grandfather died, when I was 6 years old. My grandmother who had no work decided to give me back to my mother. She had a new husband, but he hated me and made my life miserable…

little seamanMy mother joined LCP when I was a Grade 3 elementary student. After a year of joining I was blessed when Gale and Stuart Edmonds volunteered to be my sponsor. However, my stepfather continued to make my life miserable. There were times I didn’t go home, preferring to sleep on the streets and went to school without food in my stomach. I began to realize that I needed to do something in order to survive so after school I went to town to work. I parked motorcycles to earn money wanting to be able to stand alone rather than depend on my parents. I began to cut school and started thinking that studying was useless and by Grade 5 skipped school entirely and started drinking and gambling. I wanted to enjoy life despite poverty and a broken family. I didn’t even know the difference between right and wrong.As a member of LCP I still attended Bible study every Saturday and Sunday, but didn’t listen to the word of God; how could I apply it to my situation where I had no peace? I saw no future and didn’t believe God.

But God did have a plan for me. He was watching me and could feel the pain in my heart and sent someone to mold me into a better person.

Auntie Toneth Alcover, from the LCP sponsorship office, asked me if I still wanted to go to school. She took me into her own home to become part of her family. I was full of doubt, since on the street I was free to do what I liked and I tried to ignore the family.

But she didn’t ignore me; she treated me as her own son. Her two son’s Althon and Emerson also looked on me as their own brother. They shared their toys with me. They let me feel that I am a child and also have a right to play and smile. They brought me to the beautiful places that I’ve never been before. I can still remember those times they brought me to Jollibee, McDonalds and Greenwich Pizza, for the first time. It was hard to change quickly but Auntie Toneth always talked to me about life, family and God.

I graduated from Elementary and continued my High School in the city with the help of Auntie Toneth and my sponsor. My sponsor then supported me through college, something I had only dreamed of before.

My years in college were hard but I always asked God to guide me. As long as we are in this world we must continue to dream, fight and must have a positive attitude to life. I was able to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering and have just finished a year of on- the-job training on a cargo ship. My next move will be permanent job with an international shipping company.

Because of LCP, I have a sponsor and met Auntie Toneth who molded me into a good person. LCP has changed my life. I have become a better person, I have learned to dream and to accept life from the past.

Sometimes I still cry at night and wish I had a mother & father, but God has given me strength to recover from any situation. Yes I am human, I commit mistakes, but asking for forgiveness from God is the most important thing. Thank you LCP for showing me the light of God and for supporting me."


DSC00485"I am Gersim A. Papa a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education at Negros Oriental State University.

I was born into a vey poor family with 11 brothers and sisters. My parents had no stable income due to their lack of education and were liable for eviction at any time because their house was built on government land.

My parents could only send us to Elementary school; there was no money for High school. When I graduated from Elementary I went to Dumaguete City to look for work. After a year I managed to impress my boss, so he offered to pay for my High school studies at night class. I worked hard and finally graduated...

DSC04611Unfortunately I could not afford to go to college, so I got a job in a department store. When my contract ended I secured a job working nights at a restaurant. A friend of mine had told me about LCP and since I was now free during the day, started to attend LCP activities.Two years later the LCP scholarship council informed me that I would be one of the new scholars in 2005/6. I was overwhelmed. This was a great opportunity for me.

jersim1The road ahead proved really hard; studying, working at nights and helping with LCP activities. It was like torture at times. However, I graduated successfully and now I have my Masters in Education.

I am so thankful to the Lord and LCP for giving me enough strength and courage to continue. Now I believe that everything happens for a reason."

Gresim now teaches at an Elementary school in Bindoy, a rural community in the mountains not far from Dumaguete City. Last year  he married    also a teacher at the school