Peace and Faith


LCP believes that good Christian teaching and spirituality helps develop a strong sense of morality that is essential for social and economic development, free of greed and temptation.
The Peace and Faith program offers the following services:

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  1. Spiritual & Social Development & Strengthening
  • Sunday services for adults, youth and children
  • Sunday school for all ages
  • Community Bible study held in each of the 14 communities
  • Early morning devotion for staff and shelter children


  1. Pastoral Care Services
  • Weekly Community Bible Study in each community
  • Sunday Morning Message in the Worship Service
  • House Blessings
  • Visitation: Home and hospital visits
  • Conflict Management for communities
  • Spiritual Counselling


  1. Youth Ministries.IMG_3602 IMG_3690 IMG_7658
  • Youth Spiritual & Social Development
    • Saturday Youth Bible Study
    • Career & Cultural Hour to improve self awareness and self esteem
    • Evangelism – sharing God’s message
    • Youth Venture – summer camps to develop spiritualty and enhance leadership and team facilitation skills
    • Sports Fellowship & Talent show
  • IMG_9159The following groups are developed and encouraged
    • Praise Group
    • Choir
    • Theatre Group
    • Musical Instruments Group

These talented groups perform at LCP, in the 14 communities and other venues around Dumaguete

Through music and theatre many of LCP’s children and youth can express themselves in positive ways they never thought possible. This is a wonderful way to prepare them for life’s many challenges.