The Shelter Program provides 24-hour care for poor, vulnerable, abused and disadvantaged children in crisis. Their needs cannot be adequately met by their families and relatives or by any other form of alternative family care arrangement.


It is always the goal of the program to reintegrate the children back to their families. Unfortunately, there are children and youth who have no family to go back to. In these cases, they are allowed to stay in the shelter until they reach the age of eighteen, after which they can be transferred to one of LCP’s “independent living shelters” for boys and girls. Candidates for shelter accommodation are recommended by LCP’s residential Social Workers and approved by the Council of Stewards. LCP has 5 residential shelters providing homes for 28 girls and 36 boys.

The children and youth in the Shelters also benefit from the sponsorship and Scholarship programs. They are especially vulnerable because they lack the security of a stable home. A caring sponsor can have a huge impact on their lives.IMG_7430


The Wee Women’s Shelter for girls aged 6-17

The Robert Hanson Shelter  for boys aged 6-12

The Consuelo Boys Home for boys aged 13-17

Independent Living Shelter for girls aged 18+

Independent Living  Shelter for boys aged 18+