Pen & Nick sponsor“Sponsoring a Child helps a Family and supports a Community”


 LCP has two programs to help children:

  • The Sponsorship Program that allows children to go to school
  • The Work-Study Scholarship Program which supports high school graduates through college

Currently LCP has 600 sponsored children at school and 100 children receive college scholarships

We have a long waiting list of children waiting for on opportunity to go to school and college


Make an amazing difference to a child’s life – “one child at a time”


Please become a sponsor [Click here]






1What makes a child eligible for sponsorship

Targeted groups include:

  • Children and their families in the 14 LCP sponsored communities living below the official poverty line (less than $5 a day for a family of 5)
  • Street children who are working or scavenging instead of going to school
  • Malnourished and hungry children
  • Pre-school children, aged 4-6
  • Children who are unable to live at home, through neglect, abuse, abandonment or orphaned
  • Children with disabilities

2How much does sponsoring a child cost?

  • Full Sponsorship costs $35 per month ($420 per year)
  • Half sponsorship cost $17.50 per month ($210 per year) and will be matched with another half donor
  • Sponsorship payment can be made monthly, quarterly or yearly to Little Children of the World (LCW)
  • You may wish to pay for additional items such as HealthInsurance (PhilHealth). A single payment of  $35 covers the whole family for one year. This is entirely optional.

3Are my contributions tax-deductible?

 Yes, if you are an American or Filipino Citizen

We are looking to register LCP as a charity in Australia and the UK

4How do I make my payments?

  1. If you are a US citizen (Click here)
  2. If not go to Contact us

5Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?

All gifts are welcome, although sometimes it is nice to send something that the whole family can benefit from.

Monitory gifts go straight to the child’s family. However you can stipulate what the money will be used for. This will be supervised by our local staff at LCP.

Birthdays, Christmas and the beginning of the school year (end May) are good times for gifts.

Special needs are highlighted in the annual report that you will receive (e.g. roof repairs, connection to water etc).

You will be informed if anything untoward happens to your sponsored child and their family, e.g. Typhoon damage to their house, so that you can donate if you wish. This is purely voluntary.

If you are in the US, please donate via the LCW website (Click here).

If you are outside the US please contact LCP directly (Contact Us).

(LCP will provide bank account details, SWIFT code etc.)

For security reasons please do not send money cheques directly to the Philippines.

Packages can be sent directly to the Philippines, but allow 2-3 months for delivery (especially at Christmas).

Books, clothing (for warm climates), shoes, toys etc, are good gifts.  All children learn some English at school so books are in particular demand.

Send to:

Little Children of the Philippines, 

Claytown, Daro, 

Dumaguete City, Philippines 6200

Please clearly show the child’s name and reference number with your shipment.

6Can I sponsor more than one child?

Yesthis can be enormously helpful

7Can I sponsor more than one child in a family?

No,  we believe it is important to help as many families as possible. However exceptions may be made for siblings staying in LCP's residential shelters.

8Can I pick the gender and age?

Yes, you can select a boy or girl and select an age preference. From the priority list a child will be selected as close to your request as possible.

9Will I receive progress reports from my child?

Yes, you will receive an annual report on the status of your child and you will also receive quarterly personal letters/greetings cards from your child. All letters will be checked by LCP to ensure that the child or their family makes no inappropriate requests.

10Can I communicate with my child?

Yes. We encourage you to write to your child. This is an opportunity to let the child know someone loves and cares about them. You can also motivate him/her to do well at school by showing an interest in what they are doing. 

All letters should be address to LCP, with the name and number of your child clearly displayed on the back of the envelope.

It is easier and quicker to email your letter to the child, again via the LCP email address. Please put the name and number of your child in the content heading of your email.

Letters cannot be posted directly to the child for obvious security reasons.

11Does my Child receive a Christian Education?

Yes, the Peace and Faith Program is the Christian Education part of the LCP Ministry. Every Sunday the families gather in an open-air chapel for Sunday Worship Service followed by Sunday School under the mango trees. Over thirteen hundred people attend each week. Additionally, Bible Study is held every week in all fourteen communities and at LCP on Saturday for the youth. In the summer the children have Vacation Bible School and the youth have Summer Venture, which enhances their Biblical knowledge and understanding. Teaching the children, youth and families about Jesus and how to walk more closely with Him is vital to the heart of the LCP Ministry.

12Can I communicate with my child on Facebook?

NO, we do not allow Facebook for children under the age of 18.

Even in the poorest countries children can find their ways to access the Internet. This is dangerous because of the predatory activities of some Facebook users.

For college students’ aged 18 and over, Facebook communication can be a wonderful way to keep in touch. However we at LCP take great pains to highlight the dangers of the Internet and teach how to use Facebook responsibly.

13Can I visit my sponsored child?

YES, we encourage this, but only under the supervision of LCP staff members. You cannot be left alone with your child. Such a visit can be a very moving experience for both you and the child.

Dumaguete is a nice place to visit and can allow you to combine a home visit with your own holiday.


14Are there other ways that I can help?

Encourage your friends, family and church to sponsor children.

Make an amazing difference to a child’s life – “one child at a time”.

15What happens if I am no longer able to sponsor a child?

  • Please inform us as soon as possible if you wish to leave the sponsorship program (Contact us). An alternative sponsor will then be found for your child. 
  • If you have a temporary financial issue, staff will try to work with you on the problem (Contact us).

16What can terminate a sponsorship?

There are a number of reasons for terminating a child’s sponsorship outlined in LCP/LCW policies, e.g. dropping out of school, failing grades, drug and alcohol abuse and pregnancy. This has to be seen in the context of the many children on the waiting list for sponsorship who also deserve a chance.

However the decision to terminate a sponsorship will only be taken in agreement with the sponsor. Sometimes a child is in need of counselling or simply needs a second chance. Sponsored children can be extremely vulnerable. As a sponsor showing the child that you care is so important.

17How long dos sponsorship last?

This can start at Grade 1 in Elementary and, if the child stays at school, will continue throughout High School.

This is a long-term commitment.

If the child doesn’t go to college the sponsorship will the end.

However, for those children who have good enough grades and want to go to college or university, their exiting sponsor may wish to support the child through LCP’s scholarship program. If not, a new sponsor will be found. It is also possible to find an additional sponsor to make up the difference in cost between school sponsorship and college scholarship, i.e the total cost of sending a student to college can be shared if needed.

18what is SWAP?

Service with a Purpose (SWAP) is an expectation from all parents/guardians of sponsored children. 10 hours of SWAP must be completed every month as a demonstration of the family’s commitment to educate their children.

Examples of SWAP activities include:
• Community paramedics (after training, disseminate health education, assist in routine health checks, refer more serious cases to a doctor and facilitate hospital admission in case of emergency.
• Community task forces to monitor a child’s progress at school and report on any problems
• Routine maintenance of the grounds at the LCP compound
• Helping at the pre-schools and soup kitchens
• Selling LCP’s meat products in the community

Students attending college through the LCP scholarship scheme are also expected to engage in SWAP activities for 20 hrs per month.
In this case examples of SWAP include tutoring of children, often at home, to help them attain better grades at school.






1Who is eligible for a scholarship?

  • Students with parents or guardians who are unable to provide adequate finance
  • A Student who has been an active member of LCP for at least one year 
  • Those with a general High School average of 84% and above  (special dispensation may be given if requested by the Sponsor)
  • The student need not be a sponsored child, but should have a sponsored brother or sister

2What are the obligations of the student receiving a scholarship?

  • Commit to 20 hrs. of Service with a Purpose (SWAP) per month
  • Attend at least 3 LCP Youth Federation Meetings per month
  • Attend Sunday Worship at LCP at least 3 times per month

A student will forfeit his/her scholarship if they fail two semesters. In such cases they may be offered a chance to attend a vocational course at the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA)  instead

There are also behavioural guidelines (set out in the LCW/LCP Scholarship Contract)  which, if not adhered to, can result in loss of the scholarship (e.g. alcohol and drug abuse)



3How is the University/College selected?

  • Students are encouraged to attend NORSU (Negros Oriental State University) due to the lower cost of Tuition
  • Students can attend another University if a course is not available at NORSU and/or a sponsor/donor is found who is prepared to cover the extra cost
  • The course selected must be deemed appropriate by the College Oversight Committee

4How much does it cost to send a student to NORSU?

Total cost (including tuition fees) will be around $375 a semester ( $750 a year), but will determined by the course selected. A course in Business Administration  would incur  $125 per semester ( $250 per year) in tuition fees, whereas a course in Pharmacology would costs $300 pesos per semester ($600 per year) 

5Can a child’s sponsor continue to support the child through college?

Yes this is actively encouraged. However, some may not be able to afford the increased cost. In such cases another sponsor/donor will top up the amount paid by an existing sponsor. In cases where the child no longer has, or never had, a sponsor, a new sponsor/donor will be found who is prepared to meet the total cost.

6What happens when not enough sponsors are found for eligible students?

Those students with the highest grades are given preference for receiving a college scholarship. For those not so lucky, but who still have good grades LCP does its best to take them on as trainees for one year. Here for a small allowance that will go towards tuition fees, the students will work in one of the departments, such as Sponsorship, Peace & Faith, Livelihood etc, to gain experience and be eligible for college entry the following year.